Volunteer at a Build Site

Build volunteers come from all walks of life. Construction experience is not a requirement, and you might gain some!

Our Habitat homes are truly built with love!

They are constructed almost entirely by caring volunteers, with the support of dedicated, skilled Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan staff to help people in low-income housing.

Volunteering for Habitat in construction is incredibly rewarding. You will learn new skills, meet new people, and leave at the end of the day knowing that you have helped families move one step closer to affordable homeownership. Whether you are a contractor or have never picked up a hammer in your life, we can always use your help!

Currently, Habitat Saskatchewan is not taking volunteers on our build sites.  We will let you know once you can register your volunteer hours and when.

When our build sites are open to the public, we provide your safety equipment and safety training!

What is a typical day on a Habitat Saskatchewan build site?

What to expect depends on what stage of the building process we are in.  Rest assured we have build staff on-site to help get you involved and to teach you how to do something if you are new to the task at hand.  We will also give you details on what to wear to the build site, what to expect, and what we will provide to you while working there.

Some of the tasks you might be involved with when working on one of our build sites are loading in drywall, trim, caulking, flooring, painting, siding, site cleanup, framing, windows, and much more!