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Click here to get the list of what items we accept or don’t accept, and to understand how to prepare your item for donation.

If your donation does not follow these guidelines, it will not be accepted.

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All donation requests are subject to approval prior to confirmation. Please review our acceptable and unacceptable items list before requesting a donation pickup to ensure your donation is accepted.

To our valued donors and customers: we will try our best to accommodate all requested dates and times. However, please note, that our free pickup service is very busy from Tuesday to Friday so we usually book at least one week out, which can be up to two weeks out during our peak summer season. Please keep this in mind when planning your pickup request.

Please note that our Pick Up Service is Curbside Only. All items will need to be gathered and located either curbside (i.e. outside) or in a garage/ common area /entranceway prior to your scheduled Pick Up time. Thank you once again for your generous donation.

Sincerely, the ReStore Team.