Corporate Donations

The Habitat ReStores Corporate Donations Program is way a way for your business or corporation to give back to your community. We are looking to build a relationship with you and your business, so even if you want to donate to us on a weekly/monthly basis or simply give us a one time donation, we are looking forward to the opportunity to be working with you!

Donating to the Habitat ReStore is a win-win for your business or corporation!

Based only on the simple act of donating your unwanted goods, Habitat ReStores help your business thrive while building stability for local families in the community. Also, we work together at reducing the amount of waste that goes into the landfill each year in our communities.

How this opportunity could help your business or corporation:

  • Free up valuable space in your warehouse.
  • Help your business achieve financial value from an act of giving.
  • Divert good, quality, usable home improvement products, materials, or other home items from ending up in the landfill.
  • By supporting Habitat Saskatchewan ReStores, you help many hard working, low-income families achieve strength, stability, and independence through the purchase of an affordable Habitat home.