Your donation makes a difference!

Our donation pickup service is Free and Curbside Only.

What Items we Accept or Don’t Accept!

Please Read.

Before you donate anything to the ReStore, you need to make sure that you check out the list of items we do and do not accept and understand how to prepare your donation.

Please click here for the list and understanding!

Donate to one of our ReStore Locations!

Moving or downsizing and have items you no longer need? Planning a home renovation or is it just time to de-clutter and renew your space? Instead of tossing your unwanted household items, donate them to Habitat ReStore and do something good for your community and the environment!

When you donate items to Habitat ReStore, you’re helping Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan achieve its mission to build safe, decent, and affordable homes for working, lower-income families. You’re also helping the environment by enabling us to recycle perfectly reusable household items and provide them with a second home, and you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the assessed value of your donation.

PLEASE NOTE: Our pick-up service is Curbside Only. All items will need to be gathered and located either curbside (i.e. outside) or in a garage/ common area /driveway/entranceway prior to your scheduled pick-up time. Thank you once again for your generous donation!