From Volunteer to Visionary: Kelsey Stewart’s Impactful Journey at Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan


Kelsey Stewart, our Director of Fund Development and Marketing at Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan, embodies an unparalleled commitment to the non-profit landscape. Armed with a comprehensive education in Marketing and Economics from the University of Regina, Kelsey’s professional journey has evolved over a decade of steadfast dedication.

With a history deeply intertwined with Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan, Kelsey’s initial role as Volunteer Coordinator back in 2013 laid the groundwork for her enduring passion for community engagement and the non-profit sector. Now, as she rejoins our team, her extensive experience will elevate our marketing and fundraising endeavours to unprecedented heights.

A pivotal juncture in Kelsey’s career was her distinction as the youngest international team leader for Habitat Canada’s Global Village Program. Through eight transformative ventures to Central America, she guided teams in constructing homes and fostering community bonds.

Kelsey’s legacy reverberates through her orchestration of fundraising events, innovative marketing campaigns, and imaginative fundraising initiatives. Her strategic prowess, complemented by her partnership-building skills, positions her at the forefront of leading positive change.

With Kelsey’s return, we are excited to witness the next chapter of transformative change at Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan and to welcome her back to our family. Her dedication, coupled with her visionary leadership, ensures that our organization will continue to make a meaningful impact, one home, one partnership, and one life at a time.