From Volunteer to Visionary: Kelsey Stewart’s Impactful Journey at Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan

Kelsey Stewart, our Director of Fund Development and Marketing at Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan, embodies an unparalleled commitment to the non-profit landscape. Armed with a comprehensive education in Marketing and Economics from the University…

Celebrating National Nonprofit Day: Empowering Change with Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan

Every year, on National Nonprofit Day, we come together to recognize and celebrate the profound impact that nonprofit organizations have on our communities. It's a day dedicated to honoring the selfless efforts of individuals and groups who…

Shift Gears for Good: Donate Your Car to Habitat Saskatchewan Today

If you've ever wondered about a unique and impactful way to support Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan, here's an option that might surprise you – you can donate your car! That's right, your old car, truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle can find…
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