Do You Qualify for the Homeownership Program?

Please read the information below before taking the eligibility quiz, and also to understand our required qualifications.

Determining Your Eligibility

  • The Family Services department requires every family to take our “Eligibility Quiz” first in order to see if you are eligible for our homeownership program. If you match the criteria and are notified that you are eligible for the homeownership program, you will then be put on our waitlist.
  • Family Services will only put eligible families on our waitlist, and there are no guarantees when Habitat Saskatchewan will call you to start the next stages of the process – the preliminary application stage.

Basic Qualification Criteria

To qualify for homeownership with Habitat Saskatchewan, you must match the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. You and your family are in need of safe and affordable housing.
  2. You and your family have a stable source of income (1 year or more), with gross annual earnings between $32,000 and $66,500.
  3. You and your family are permanent residents of Canada and have lived in the Saskatchewan region for 1 year or more.
  4. You and your family must be able to manage debt in a responsible way and have not declared bankruptcy in the last 2 years.
  5. You and your family’s saving should be below $30,000 (savings that could be used towards a conventional mortgage down payment).
  6. You and your family are willing to complete 500 volunteer hours and partner with Habitat Saskatchewan.