Habitat Saskatchewan’s Buy Back Program in Action

Welcoming in Two New Habitat Homeowners

On May 30th, 2024, Habitat Saskatchewan proudly handed over the keys to two new Habitat homeowners. The families are moving into previously built Habitat houses in Regina’s Rosemont and Eastview neighborhoods, marking a significant milestone in their journey toward homeownership.

Expanding Opportunities with the Buy Back Program

While Habitat Saskatchewan is known for building new homes, the organization also operates a “Buy Back Program.” This initiative grants Habitat the first right of refusal to buy back homes from previous Habitat homeowners looking to sell and move on from the program. This  approach allows Habitat to serve more families throughout the year, extending their mission beyond the construction of new houses.

Meet the New Homeowners

Fasiuddin & Shameem and Eyasu & Msgana are the newest Habitat homeowners. This opportunity for affordable homeownership not only promotes financial stability but also strengthens community bonds and empowers families with a sense of security, autonomy, and achievement.

For Eyasu and Msgana, the move represents a significant improvement in their living conditions. Their previous apartment, located in a challenging downtown area, did not provide a safe and secure environment for their young family. Eyasu shared his thoughts on this life-changing opportunity: “I work full time, and my wife is a stay-at-home mom to care for our kids. Partnering with Habitat Saskatchewan gives us hope and the encouragement to continue working hard to afford our own home. Homeownership is a relief because it means providing our family with a safe and secure place to live.”

The Journey Continues

The handover of keys to Fasiuddin & Shameem and Eyasu & Msgana is a testament to Habitat Saskatchewan’s commitment to transforming lives through homeownership. By leveraging the Buy Back Program, the organization continues to make a difference, providing families with the stability and security they need to thrive.

As these families settle into their new homes in the Rosemont and Eastview neighborhoods, they are not just moving into a house; they are stepping into a future filled with promise and potential. Habitat Saskatchewan remains dedicated to creating these opportunities, one family at a time, building a stronger, more resilient community for all.