Our build team at Haultain Crossing in Regina has been hard at work finishing up the last 7 units of our 62 unit townhouse complex. Finishing touches like countertops, closet doors, and paint have all been completed in the last couple of weeks to prepare for the families’ possession date!

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization, and the volunteer’s experience with Habitat Saskatchewan is of the utmost importance to us! Our goal is to follow up with our volunteer groups after their volunteer experience on our build sites to see if they would share their feedback anonymously. By doing this, Habitat can learn and grow from understanding their experiences and improve when improvement is needed.

My Volunteer Experience

Here is some of the feedback we have received from groups that have come and volunteered at
our build sites:

  • Volunteering was very rewarding. The staff and other volunteers that were not from our group were all friendly. I have, and will continue to, encourage others to volunteer with Habitat.
  • Great atmosphere! Great people!
  • Great build site staff! They were amazing to work with and all very knowledgeable, helpful, and polite.
  • Very well organized and a good program. I enjoyed working with the staff
  • RBC thoroughly enjoys these volunteer build days with habitat. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
  • The Habitat staff were very patient and upbeat. I appreciated that there were options for work that did not involve using power tools. It was a positive experience.
  • It was really great to work with all other volunteers. The coordinator also shared more about how the program works for prospective families, so that was great.

Ta and Sah Blu fell in love in a refugee camp. Forced to leave behind everything they knew, they escaped from the civil war in Myanmar. After spending 14 long years in the refugee camp, their applications to immigrate were accepted. The only hiccup in this news was that Ta’s was accepted by the USA and Sah Blu’s was accepted in Canada. The couple spent five long years apart before they were reunited in Canada.

They moved into a small home with Sah Blu’s parents and siblings. There wasn’t much space for 10 people in the modest house, and soon, Ta and Sah Blu were expecting their first child, Michelle. They started saving for a home to call their own. Then, when Michelle turned two, Ta and Sah Blu welcomed another daughter, Milda, who was born with spinal bifida and hydrocephalus. This meant that Ta and Sah Blu’s hard-earned savings would now be used to purchase the equipment that Milda need to grow and play comfortably.

When they heard about Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan, they knew the affordable homeownership program would be just the support they needed to stand on their own and would give them the opportunity they never thought was possible. They applied for the program and were thrilled to be accepted as future Habitat homeowners! They couldn’t believe that their homeownership dream was becoming a reality.

Thanks to Habitat and all supporters, sponsors, and donors, as Ta and Sah Blu have now purchased a safe, decent and affordable home for their family to live in that is also wheelchair accessible. Michelle is excited to paint her very first room pink. Milda will have room to move freely around the house in her wheelchair and has a wheelchair lift which allows her to come and go from the property with ease. Ta and Sah Blu will finally be able to put down roots in a home that they will be able to call their own.