Our Corporate Partners

Every Corporate Partner is Building Long Term Stability

When you partner with Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan, you’re able to connect with people that share your values.

Very few charities have the global recognition and local goodwill associated with Habitat.

Habitat partners can reach thousands of volunteers, tradespeople, event participants, community leaders, and other businesses.

The majority of people that are involved with Habitat want to make our community a better place, and they have the funds, the time, and the desire to make things happen.

If these sound like the people your business would like to reach, connect with us at info@habitatsask.ca to discuss corporate partnership opportunities.

  • Why partner with Habitat for Humanity Saskatchewan?

    Because you want to build your reputation as a community-minded business.

  • Raise your business profile with the right people

    The individuals and organizations that are attracted to Habitat value businesses that are willing to make a difference in our community and our world.

  • Habitat partners get more than they pay for

    Partnership agreements outline where and how your organization will be featured, but they can’t begin to tally the value of all the unsolicited press coverage of projects, events, and networking opportunities that come from being a Habitat partner.